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The sem­i­nar in Basic Youth Conflicts has at­tract­ed over three mil­lion youth and adult from all walks of life with on­ly word-​of-​mouth pro­mo­tion! The sem­i­nar gives prac­ti­cal steps of ac­tion to ap­ply sev­en uni­ver­sal, non-​optional prin­ci­ples of life. They tran­scend all cul­tures, na­tion­al­i­ties, re­li­gions, and po­lit­i­cal sys­tems. I learned these prin­ci­ples by med­i­tat­ing on Scripture. They trans­formed lives, mar­riages, fam­i­lies and fi­nances!

The Missing Key

What I did not un­der­stand was the inner-​workings of med­i­ta­tion that give it a prac­ti­cal “han­dle” to car­ry it out. True med­i­ta­tion is based on the fact that we have three brains: 1) our head brain, which is the weak­est; 2) our heart brain, which con­trols our head brain; and 3) our “gut” brain which con­trols our life!

Meditation is not ef­fec­tive un­less we get Scripture down to all three brains. We do this by quot­ing key vers­es to God while go­ing to sleep! During the night, the vers­es go from our head brain down to our gut brain and then teach our heart brain wis­dom, un­der­stand­ing, di­rec­tion and so­lu­tions. God guar­an­tees true suc­cess if we do this EVERY NIGHT!

Imagine Every Prisoner Meditating on Scripture!

God has opened the door to work with the of­fi­cials of a prison in Arkansas to get every in­mate to quote Scripture while go­ing to sleep! This will trans­form the prison and the re­cidi­vism rate!

There are over a mil­lion in­mates in U.S. pris­ons cost­ing tax-​payers $84 bil­lion dol­lars every year! The big­ger prob­lem is that over 70% will re­of­fend and be re­turned to prison with­in five years! This means that our prison sys­tem is not work­ing. However, this pro­gram is guar­an­teed to work be­cause it is trans­form­ing the life and out­look of every in­mate!

How Five Giants Transformed an Inmate!

Kevin is an in­mate at the Walla Walla Prison in Washington. Chaplain Lewis May gave him a copy of my book, Five Giants Every Man Must Conquer! After read­ing it he said, “Next to the Bible, that is the most pow­er­ful book that I have ever read!” He al­so wrote, “All I can say is “WOW!” That book is chang­ing my life! I can iden­ti­fy with all five gi­ants . . . this is a “must read” for every man on plan­et earth! I have start­ed fast­ing and my heart prob­lem has cleared up 100%!”

Transforming Education

In the Basic Seminar, I ex­plain how I was fail­ing in school un­til I dis­cov­ered night med­i­ta­tion. Then, my grades then shot up to A-!

Now I have an op­por­tu­ni­ty to work with a Christian school in Nashville to get all 300 stu­dents to quote Scripture while go­ing to sleep at night! Each morn­ing they will re­port on their night med­i­ta­tion in class. The re­sults will be a mod­el for the na­tion. Almost all ed­u­ca­tion is based on fill­ing the head brain with knowl­edge. These stu­dents will learn God’s wis­dom by in­ter­nal­iz­ing His Word! Every stu­dent over 12 years old will al­so be en­rolled in Embassy University and earn a de­gree every two years, so that by the time they grad­u­ate they could have a Ph.D.!

The stu­dents will al­so form ten­mem­ber “Power Teams” and do pub­lic ser­vice projects. They will learn by do­ing and will “let their light so shine that men will see their good works and glo­ri­fy their Father in heav­en!”