Book 36: Three Lost “Secrets” to Find Your Life Purpose


When a teenager kills himself, he is making a public statement: “I have no purpose in life!”  Suicide is now the second leading cause of death among 15-24 year olds.  When a veteran ends his life, he is also stating: “I have no more purpose in life!”  Twenty-two veterans a day commit suicide.  Every year 800,000 people worldwide commit suicide.  Millions of others live without purpose and experience depression as they pursue vain efforts to fill their lives with something meaningful.  This book will explain your life purpose.  85 pages. $15



When a teenag­er kills him­self, he is mak­ing a pub­lic state­ment: “I have no pur­pose in life!” Suicide is now the sec­ond lead­ing cause of death among 15-​24 year olds. When a vet­er­an ends his life, he is al­so stat­ing: “I have no more pur­pose in life!” Twenty-​two vet­er­ans a day com­mit sui­cide. Every year 800,000 peo­ple world­wide com­mit sui­cide. Millions of oth­ers live with­out pur­pose and ex­pe­ri­ence de­pres­sion as they pur­sue vain ef­forts to fill their lives with some­thing mean­ing­ful. This book will ex­plain your life pur­pose. 85 pages. $15