42. 49 Ways to Love God and Others


During His earthly ministry Jesus gave 49 general commands for us to follow and to “teach to all nations.” There are also seven deadly stresses that directly damage the seven systems of our body. There are seven commands that deal with each stress. By meditating on these commands while going to sleep, we not only resolve the stresses, but also build up our immune system and experience good health and true success.  You can share these with everyone in your community. 4-panel folded brochure.  Available in Packets of 25 @ $5 each; or 4 packets for $10 (free shipping).




During His earth­ly min­istry Jesus gave 49 gen­er­al com­mands for us to fol­low and to “teach to all na­tions.” There are al­so sev­en dead­ly stress­es that di­rect­ly dam­age the sev­en sys­tems of our body. There are sev­en com­mands that deal with each stress. By med­i­tat­ing on these com­mands while go­ing to sleep, we not on­ly re­solve the stress­es, but al­so build up our im­mune sys­tem and ex­pe­ri­ence good health and true suc­cess. You can share these with every­one in your com­mu­ni­ty. 4-​panel fold­ed brochure. Available in Packets of 25 @ $5 each; or 4 pack­ets for $10 (free ship­ping).