Olivia – From 2009 to 2012

One day, Olivia’s mother called in deep distress. She had been praying for a long time that her daughter would get free from a very evil young man who was abusing her. She asked me if I could help her, so I sent an email to Olivia saying: “If you ever want to get free, give me a call.” On the next Mother’s Day she called and wanted freedom. The next day her mother flew her to the Headquarters. However, there was a strong emotional bonding with this abuser. This would take time and God’s power to break.


To Whom it May Concern

Working at the Headquarters of IBLP with Bill Gothard was one of the most positive and life-changing experiences I have ever had. I have always felt that Bill Gothard has a heart for those that others have discarded as useless, damaged or helpless. Sadly, those were the words that many used to describe me before I had the opportunity to begin the journey of healing and recovery with IBLP.

Before going to hq my life was in a continuous downward spiral. I was suicidal, being abused, and suffering from severe post-traumatic stress. I hated myself. I felt that there was no hope for my future, and I wanted to end my life.

Any glimmer of hope was drowned out by depression, and the constant bombardment of negative thoughts and self rejection that was hammered into my mind by my abuser. I found myself returning to my abuser over and over again as many victims of abuse do, only to have the situation become so intensely worse that I was forced to leave for fear of being murdered. Anyone who has dealt with abuse can understand the struggle that was constantly within me.

When I finally made a decision with all the confidence and self-preservation that I had within me to escape from the abuse, I called Bill Gothard. This was my first step to healing and recovery. At this point in my life, no one except my parents believed in me. Having a Godly father figure accept me and dedicate his time and staff to my recovery was more wonderful than I can explain. If it were not for Bill Gothard and his loving staff, I most likely would not be here today, or simply a shadow of who I am today.

I do know that there are thousands of people, including myself, that would not be experiencing the freedom and happiness I experience every single day, if it were not for Bill Gothard and his dedication to serving God.

I love my life; I am no longer that suicidal, afraid, and destroyed youth I once was. A full recovery from the pain of the past took more years than I care to say, but the first two years were sparked by the determination and love that Bill Gothard and his staff showed toward helping me. When I think back to the time that I spent with IBLP and especially Bill Gothard, I am left with a smile. I still keep in contact with Bill and feel that he will always be a spiritual father figure to me. All that he has done for me will never be forgotten.