Sara – From 2009 to 2011

When I learned that Sara had been going through deep depression for several weeks, I called her father to see if I could be of help. Sara recalls, “we were shocked and amazed, as we felt like this was just like a miracle from heaven.” I learned that Sara had been planning for a wedding and was crushed when it was called off. Her father informed me that her birthday was the next day, so I suggested that he fly her to the Headquarters so that we could help her celebrate it. She ended up staying for about two years. Here is her story.


Dear Mr. Gothard,

I am so very, very grateful and humbled by the fact that God used you in my life to lift me up when I was down and so discouraged. You helped bring me comfort and peace during one of the most difficult times of my life. God used you to demonstrate Christ’s unselfish love in such a way that blew me away! During my time at Headquarters, I was blessed beyond measure.

You gave self-sacrificially and for that I thank you. I grew under your teaching and example. I was given numerous opportunities to serve the Lord in capacities I would have never even dreamed of. Who would have thought that a heart-broken gal from a little city would be able to travel to numerous states and serve at conferences, or be able to disciple many single gals on different Journeys, or even be able to make deep connecting friendships with Godly youth that will hopefully remain for many years to come? And who would have thought that a dream of mine would be fulfilled after some 10+ years–that of going and serving in another country!

All of this happened because of God’s mercy and goodness being shown through you and the ministry of IBLP. When I look back at my time at hq and abroad, it was one of the most special times of my life!

So all in all, Mr Gothard, thank you for remaining strong. Thank you for being who you are in Jesus Christ. Thank you for giving your life to the Lord and His work. Thank you for blessing me.You have impacted my life in such a good and righteous way! I will be eternally grateful! And I certainly hope that God will allow our paths to cross again in the future!

Thank you,




During the past year, God brought His choice of a husband into Sara’s life. She explains that this marriage was totally of the Lord. She had a perfect peace from the Lord, and all the parents were in full approval. She now states with great joy: “He is the perfect man for me. God knew exactly what I needed and fulfilled it.”