25. Multiply Your Money and Transform Your World


The Four “Disciplines of Love:” First century believers lived out these four disciplines and “turned their world upside down.” The same results will happen in our day as believers embrace them.
We can give without loving, but we cannot love without giving. The world recognizes the difference and responds accordingly. The principles explained in this book really do work. They have been neglected for centuries, but they will work for individuals, families, businesses and churches. 101 Pages.



The Four “Disciplines of Love:” First cen­tu­ry be­liev­ers lived out these four dis­ci­plines and “turned their world up­side down.” The same re­sults will hap­pen in our day as be­liev­ers em­brace them.
We can give with­out lov­ing, but we can­not love with­out giv­ing. The world rec­og­nizes the dif­fer­ence and re­sponds ac­cord­ing­ly. The prin­ci­ples ex­plained in this book re­al­ly do work. They have been ne­glect­ed for cen­turies, but they will work for in­di­vid­u­als, fam­i­lies, busi­ness­es and church­es. 101 Pages.